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Playful, deep & liberating : Be part of the first batch of this special online & pilot complementary journey. 

Two parts of a journey that can be followed separately and highly rrecommended together ! 

Let's finally get to the bottom of it all and talk what we rarely talk about: the Butt. And when I say the "Butt", I mean the Ass in its globally from the buttocks to the asshole with all that goes in, out and in-between. Spirituality, Sexuality, Dark, Light: an all inclusive journey. 

The lower part of our body holds so much shame, pain, traumas, denial and feelings of dirtiness and insecurity. 

But(t) did you experience that the same place that releases excrement and farts can also be the entry for
pleasure and a source of freedom, acceptance, joy and love ?



All About the Butt is a 4 weeks journey into the Butt Mysteries and Wonders of the Butt. We go on an adventure from shame to celebration and we dive into the wisdom that is carried in the Behind. This 1h15 part of the course is designed to dive into a specific theme by creating a safe space to transform and share personnally and collectively. The power of letting the heart & butt talk, embodiment practices, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and meditation technics will support this part of the course. 
February Sundays morning: 10:00-11:15 am (1h15) / Paris time

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« The Sacred Art of Twerking » is the complementary deep dive journey of the "All About the Butt" course that anchors and strengthen an embodied integration for each stage of the process. In this 45' course, we learn and practice specific moves of Twerking and other pelvic dance & breath practices. These anciant practices facilitate the awakening of our life force energy but(t) also its grounding and its transmutation in our life process. They also supporting the sexual and emotional health and are recommanded not only for female but also male and nonbinary bodies. 
February Sundays morning: 11:30-12:15 am (45') / Paris time



  • A safe and playful space to rediscover your innocence

  • A supportive and loving collective to journey and connect with

  • Dynamic & holistic online sessions and access to the recordings

  • An exploration into the mysteries and wonders of the dark hole

  • Tools for awakeing, grounding, rising and releasing your energy

  • A space to be fully heard, fully seen, fully felt and fully supported

  • Tools to sustainabily integrate and transmute what presents itself for you

  • An opportunity to transform taboos, fears, shame, old stories and negative emotions

  • An invitation to step up into your vulnerabilities, your power and your authentic truth

  • An expansion portal to welcome more pleasure, ease, relaxation, juiciness, acceptance and love 

Serious playfulness and joyful release are fully part of this All & Sacred course. 



What our journey will look like ... 

Each week we will dive into a theme from the wide range of possibilities related to the Behind (shame, pleasure, taboos, anal sx, spanking, emotions, ancestors, security, etc.).

Here is a framework that will be adapted to the unique energy of the group: 

Week 1 : All about the Base 

Week 2 : Release & Taboos 

Week 3: Pleasure & Sexuality 

Week 4 : Security, Vulnerability & Power 


Sunday 7 February 

Sunday 14 February 

Sunday 21 February 

Sunday 28 February 

CET 10:00-11:15 am: All About the Butt 

CET 11:30-12:15: The Sacred Art of Twerking

All the sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session you'll be able to catch up on the following 7 days. 


* All & Sacred: FullButt package* (total of 8 sessions): Pilot price: 133 € (instead of 199 €) 

All About the Butt (4 sessions, 1h15) :Pilot price: 111 €

The Sacred Art of Twerking (4 sessions, 45') : Pilot price: 88 €

Tryout day: 33 € (valid only on 7.2.21)

The two courses can be followed separately and they are highly recommended together. 


After your registration, you'll be added to the Messenger group. The portal will then open through ZOOM. 



Secure your place now: link to get your ticket

And if you're still not sure if you would like to join, here is a testimony of Silba 

who joined the "All about the Butt Lab" in person in Malta. 

"Leela‘s playfulness is a game changer. It allows every soul‘s inner child and seductive queen to emerge and feel seen and empowered. Leela knows her stuff and brings an attitude of deep curiosity and caring attention. I felt both enabled and held, challenged and supported. And who knew my butt could move and feel that way?! I walked out of the time with Leela feeling deeply connected to my core and power.".

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