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Boost your Health, Confidence & Juiciness in an effective & fun way.
Get your body and soul to shine !  

" I feel so much better now !!! I have never felt that great in my body, it's incredible ! "

“I love how creative, alive and connected I feel after getting into my body” 

“Leela was uninhibited, encouraging and inviting in her teaching. Her excitement and voluptuous nature is infectious and makes “trying” more awkward movements and embodiments easier”

“I loved how Leela was teaching it with so much joy and fun. It released a lot of anxiety and brought a lot of joy.” 



Do you want to feel healthy, sexy and fit ?
Are you tired of conventional, lenghtly, hard work and stereotypical body types programs or on another note of neglecting your body ?

Would you like instead to take part in fun, authentic, welcoming and effective classes that are worth of your time and energy, and not because you have to, but because you want to ?!

Learn movement, dance and relaxation technis specifically designed to release tension and increase your aliveness.

What is The Ultimate Summer Bliss Camp ?

  • A live journey that will rock out your summer wherever you are in the world. 

  • One summer camp - two courses: "Sexy Flexy" to receive the physical, emotional and sensual benefits from an improved flexibility and "Booty Bliss" to stenghen your gluts, free your body from tensions, expand your pleasure capacity and access your body wisdom

  • 7 weeks of classes, a total of 14 live recorded classes

  • Tailored classes designed to get the most of your time and energy 

  • "Watch it later" and "Dot it again!" thanks to the recordings available up to 7 days after each class 

  • A unique combination of Yogic, Tantric & Shamanic Arts, Fitness, Holistic Health, Dance & Magic !

  • An authentic, welcoming and heart sharing community 

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Do you dream of improving your flexibility or even to do the splits, while releasing tensions and feeling more sensual and confident in your body ? This course is for you ! 

- Dynamic stretching with PNF technics 

- Emotional release and empowerment tools 

- Yoga 

- Relaxation 

- Tantric meditation practice (including sound, movemet & breath)

- Sensational exploration tools 

About PNF "Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a more advanced form of flexibility training. PNF involves both stretching and contracting (activation) of the muscle group being targeted in order to achieve maximum static flexibility."

Who said not everyone could be flexible ?!
Breath into your pain points to access deep pleasure and flexibility. Release tensions, connect to your body and free any emotions stored in your hips. In this class, the secrets of flexibility and sensuality will be revealed. Be prepared for active stretching, sexy moves and relaxation.

The perfect class to end the day and have a good night of sleep! 

A course recommanded to all levels, types of bodies, gender identiy & sexual orientation.

On Tuesday evening : 20:30 - 21:30 / CET-Berlin time (July - August) 



Playful, evolutionary & liberating : welcome to a sacred twerkshop. Free your pelvis and learn how it can be a gate to transform blocages and emotions into bliss, pleasure and magic !  

A course where you will learn dance movement technics to awaken your energy, get into your body, release blockages and join collective tantric meditation practices. 

Did you know that the lower part of our body holds a lot of shame, judgement, traumas, pain, denial, numbness, constrictions, tightness and insecurities ? But-t it is also a gateway to joy, healing, pleasure, playfulness, empowerment, creativity, sensuality and inner freedom. What makes Booty Bliss a unique practice is that it's inspired from new and ancient practices that have been used as ways to contribute to mental, physical and emotional health, as well as self realisation. 

Booty Bliss facilitates the process of release and letting go in daily life and in case of major events, but it is also used as a way to cultive pleasure and to increase aliveness in your body and in connection with other beigs. Supporting sexual and emotional health, Booty Bliss is available to everyone willing and daring to join the sacred play of life. Be ready for a course where you will move, sweat, breath, laugh, be vulnerable and empowered to be more of yourself.

A course recommanded to all levels, types of bodies, gender identiy & sexual orientation. 

Start your day with a celebration ! 

Saturday morning: 9:00 - 10:00 am / CET-Berlin time (July-August 2022) 



  • Dynamic & holistic online sessions and access to the recordings

  • Body, emotional and mind practices to fall in love with youself 

  • Improve your health with body movement, sound liberation, emotional empowerment and soulwork 

  • Tools for awakeing, grounding, rising and releasing your energy

  • A safe and playful space to explore your sensual self 

  • An opportunity to transform taboos, fears, shame, old stories and negative emotions

  • An expansion portal to welcome more pleasure, ease, relaxation, juiciness, acceptance and love 

  • A space to be seen, felt and supported 

  • Holistic tools to sustainabily integrate and transmute what presents itself for your

  • An invitation to step up into your vulnerabilities, your power and your authentic truth

  • A supportive and loving collective to journey and connect with



What our journey will look like ... 

Each week we will dive into a theme from the wide range of possibilities related to Body Bliss. 

Summer Bliss Camp - Frame

Class 1 : Getting to the base

Class 2 : Healthy holy sexy & fit 

Class 3: Cleanse, release & let go 

Class 4 : Emotional body alchemy 

Class 5 : Pleasure body 

Class 6 : Vulnerable & powerful 

Class 7: Celebration 

Playfulness, heart sharing & authentic connection are fully part of the course. 

The themes will be adapted to the unique energy of the group.

Dates - 7 weeks from 9 July to 23 August 2022 

All the sessions will be recorded, so if you miss a session you'l be able to catch up on the following 7 days.

Sexy Flexy - Tuesdays 8.30-9.30 pm CET live & recorded

Tuesday 12 July

Tuesday 19 July 

Tuesday 26 July

Tuesday 2 August

Tuesday 9 August

Tuesday 16 August

Tuesday 23 August 

Booty Bliss  - Saturdays 9-10 am CET live & recorded

Saturday 9 July 

Saturday 16 July

Saturday 23 July

Saturday 30 July 

Saturday  6 August

Saturday 13 August 

Saturday 20 August

The two courses can be followed separately and they are highly recommended together. 


The portal will open through ZOOM. 

More info per email. 


How much is your Health and Confidence worth ? 

Priceless, right ?!  Well here are some special price for this first summer edition ! 

Booty Bliss  (7 sessions) : 255 € 

Sexy Flexy (7 sessions) : 255 € 

The Ultimate Summer Camp offer ( Booty Bliss + Sexy Flexy, total of 14 sessions) : 430 € (instead of 510 €)

Early Bird - "Sharing is Caring" 

Only available until 30 June 

Save up to 255€ / Buy one, get two ! 

"Sharing is Caring": Get a friend to join and both of you will get to experience both courses (Booty Bliss & Sexy Flexy). 

And if more than one of you friends joins, let me know and you'll receive an extra surprise ! 



Secure your Summer Bliss Camp now: link to get your ticket

And if you're still not sure if you would like to join, here is another testimony of my work

"Leela‘s playfulness is a game changer. It allows every soul‘s inner child and seductive queen to emerge and feel seen and empowered. Leela knows her stuff and brings an attitude of deep curiosity and caring attention. I felt both enabled and held, challenged and supported. And who knew my butt could move and feel that way?! I walked out of the time with Leela feeling deeply connected to my core and power.". Silba

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