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Your life force energy is your unique superpower.
Free your body and mind, embody your soul gifts.
The world needs your uniqueness. 

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Choose your thoughts wisely 

Connect to your body wildly 

Celebrate your source of love, presence, freedom and power wholly.  



Life is a play, a dance.
You get to choose: you can play, be played and/or witness.

Do you want to be conscious and sustainable or live your full potential in love, abondance and orgasmic bliss ?
Choose both !  

Live each day like it's your last one and create your life like it's eternal.

Leela Stephanie, tantric transformational coach & facilitator 

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Heal the past

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Liberate the present

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Transform the future



Leela Stephanie

Tantric Transformational facilitator, Erotic Wisdom coach, Love Priestess, Soul Mystic guide, Sacred cacao ceremonies

With over 10 years of teaching & performing in Sensual Arts, she uniquely combines body wisdom with her academic, yogic and temple arts training background.

Leela is a certified Sensual Arts, Yoga, Meditation & Mantra teacher, Reiki Master, PNL & Holistic Coach and graduated from the Level 3 of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

Known for creating safe and playful transformational containers, she creates individual and collective journeys based on ancestral innovation practices.

As a medicine woman, she helps people to heal, explore and embody their soul’s gifts and humanness - their free, authentic, wild, empowered sexy unique self in harmony and within unity. This is for Leela the most impactful change one can be and contribute to earth consciousness and authentic living. 

Leela speaks English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, (Spanish & Swiss German). 

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"Viva Authentica was birthed in 2019 from a place of deep listening within myself and the lands I was in at that time, Peru. Feeling like an old soul in a young body, I always knew and experienced throughout my life how I was a bridge that lives and facilitates the reunion of polarities: masculine & feminine, ancient & modern, matter & spirituality, technology & esoteric, good & evil, traditional & unconventional.

I have lived many lives within my life where over the last 10 years I have weaved University Degrees, international relations & gender studies specialist, working in NGOs and Federal agencies, human rights leader, public speaker, volunteer firefighter, pole dance, sensual arts, yoga & meditation teacher, tantric practitioner, Reiki energy healing master, love priestess, mystic guide, cacao ceremonies, certified NLP & life coach and more.

Born from Portuguese parents in Switzerland and now travelling since several years, I like to playfully say that I am a wild free Portuguese body with a wise organized Swiss Mind and a loving caring Universal Heart. Today, beyond being a conscious business, Viva Authentica is a symbol for life celebration where we listen to nature, care, honor and love her, naturally occurring as we remember that we all come from the same source. 

You as well are invited to experience and reclaim your unique empowered free self. 

Are you in for this healing and empowering magical adventure ?"


"This path lead me to not being afraid of my demons anymore, nor of yours. 

Instead of numbing, hurting or addictive behaviors, I've learnt the way to feel, express and heal my repressed emotions and unprocessed traumas.

I'm not perfect, nor do I have all the answers. But now I have the tools & the loving presence to embrace them as part of my raw humanness and soul gifts.
It's from this place that I invite you to 
take the leap with me." 

Leela Stephanie


For groups and individuals



This ancient wisdom plant helps to open the heart, release blockages, tune into one's inner power, feelings & wisdom.

Leela's guidance is of a rare quality. She allowed me to step out of my comfort zone while feeling fully safe. Leela knows how to make her initiations both playful and profound. She guides them with creativity, humor, grounding and power. As a facilitator, she is fully present and clear. She knows how to move the energy and accompany us in whatever comes up. Her workshops are valuable and truly alive." Fabian, Men's Coach

Fabian, Men's coach

Upcoming Events

  • Aux Sources du Délice: Retraite Ecstatic - Winter Edition 2024
    Aux Sources du Délice: Retraite Ecstatic - Winter Edition 2024
    Fri, 19 Jan
    Hôtel Victoria Vercorin
    19 Jan 2024, 17:00 GMT+1 – 21 Jan 2024, 16:00 GMT+1
    Hôtel Victoria Vercorin, 3967 Vercorin, Switzerland
    19 Jan 2024, 17:00 GMT+1 – 21 Jan 2024, 16:00 GMT+1
    Hôtel Victoria Vercorin, 3967 Vercorin, Switzerland
    Située dans un magnifique hôtel de haut standing, Victoria Vercorin, cette retraite offre un mélange parfait de relaxation, de bien-être, de jeu, de plaisir et d'aventure.
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